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Why should I want to do a lighting retrofit for my office, warehouse, retail store, or other commercial space? Great question, let us... enlighten you (a necessary pun). Perhaps your exterior parking lot or wall lights aren't working as well as they used to, and it's now a safety concern. Maybe you're looking to freshen up your retail space, and wow your customers. Or is it possible that your workplace is so dark and dim, that people are falling asleep on the job?! Whatever the reason might be, the good news is we had the "bright idea" to become the go to experts at retrofitting in Idaho Falls and southeast Idaho.

"The excellent communication, efficiency of their team, job site cleanliness, and quality installation made our facility update to LED's a great overall experience. Will definitely call on Sunlight [Electric] for future needs!" - Rich T.

But let's focus for a minute on easily the biggest reason to retrofit your commercial space with new, and more efficient lighting...

Storage facility with new exterior lighting retrofitted by Sunlight Electric.

The demand for energy is growing!

  • The United States is going to continue to use more and more electricity at an ever increasing demand on the electrical grid.
  • The grid can only handle so much. So, we either have to produce more electricity, or use less of it. That's where our lighting retrofit services come in.
  • Upgrading your old lighting fixtures to new ones decreases this energy demand, because as one might guess, new lights work more efficiently than older lights.
  • Because of this, the utility companies and the federal government offer substantial incentives, rebates, and tax credits to help pay for the replacement of your old light fixtures.

Wait, hold on just one second. Did you say they'll pay me to get newer lights that work better, look better, and will save me money every month on my utility bills because of the increased energy efficiency?

Yes, that's exactly what we said. Now before you say this it too good to be true, and that we must have a few light bulbs loose... let me tell you why we're the best fit for your retrofit.

Why choose our lighting retrofit services?

  • Number one, time is money. In both your business and ours. We want new lights to make sense, and more importantly make cents for you.
  • That's why we have a dedicated lighting team who do this all day everyday. From doing facility audits to working with the utility companies for YOU to maximize your incentive and savings.
  • Not to mention facility pre-inspections with utility auditors, ordering the lights, installing the lights, cleaning the job site, and post-inspection. We do it ALL.
  • As a small business ourselves, we understand that business needs to keep moving. We'll work around your schedule to minimize disruption.
  • Whether it's 10 lights or 1000+, we're prepared to take on the job.

As a bonus for those jobs that may seem impossible or impractical. We have a finance company that can help make those projects that feel out of reach possible. Because let's face it, dropping a chunk of money in order to reap the utility benefits isn't always possible. This way through financing, your utility savings and incentives can pay off your new lights over time, with minimal impact to your business' cash flow up front.

Restaurant with new interior lighting installed by Sunlight Electric.

Ready to flip the switch to savings? Contact us today to illuminate your business with our expert lighting retrofit services!

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How can I tell which lights to replace if they're working?

It's not always obvious whether or not your current lighting is energy inefficient. Our audit on your facility is designed to help you determine if and which lights you'd benefit from replacing.

Will you help me design the lighting for my space?

The aesthetics that come with quality lighting are unmatched. Our experts will help you determine a lighting solution that will highlight the best that your space has to offer.

What can I expect to save on utilities by upgrading?

Savings vary greatly from business to business due to differences in square footage, lighting needs, and personal energy usage. However, we'll work with your utility company to both maximize and help you forecast those utility savings.

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